Platform for ladscape – It is time to change land use and landscape management in the Czech Republic (a review)

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The identity of man-made landscapes is based on the balance among their ecological, cultural,
and economic dimensions. Since the 1950s, short-term economic benefits have globally often outweighed
long-term interests. This results in decreased landscape quality manifested as increased erosion of
agricultural land, decreased water retention capacity, increased landscape uniformity, and loss of
biodiversity. A new phenomenon influencing the condition of man-made landscapes is climate change.
Extreme fluctuations of temperature and precipitation have been causing repeated floods and also periods of
drought in Europe. Landscapes damaged by inappropriate management are unable to offset these impacts. It
is necessary to stop this development by changing land use and management methods to restore the balance
among landscape functions.
For the Czech Republic, we propose to develop a long-term landscape vision and to formulate a responsible
landscape policy with regional strategic goals, including subsidies and penalties (carrots and sticks), based
on the principles of the European Landscape Convention. To promote ecological stability, we recommend
allocating funds from the Common Agricultural Policy to both the restoration and maintenance of valuable
habitats. Landscape research and management (based on habitat/species monitoring in cooperation with
stakeholders) must be strengthened in order to play a proper role in the transformation.
It is time for clear communication with the public and the training of state officials and land users in spatial
and landscape planning. To fill this gap in interdisciplinary cooperation, we call for the establishment of a
platform on sustainable landscape management in the Czech Republic.

The whole paper you could download here in PDF.