Platform for the Landscape will discuss revitalisation projects with respect to water in landscape

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How to return water to the landscape and keep it there? One of the strategic objectives and priorities of water protection should be the revitalization of the river and valley network, accompanied by a change of the approach to river network management. The hydrographic network with its natural hydromorphology should be restored to the maximum level possible. However, the number and extent of watercourse revitalization projects do not correspond to the current needs of the public (as defined in, for example, the National Adaptation Strategy to Climate Change), and available financial resources are not being fully exploited. This contribution summarizes the recommendations which arose at the conference Říční krajina 2017-River landscape 2017, organized by the Coalition for Rivers (Koalice pro řeky, www.koaliceproreky.cz), where the possibilities, challenges and barriers to the revitalization of watercourses were discussed. Another strategic objective is to improve water retention throughout the Czech Republic. Every owner may be obliged to ensure that as much rainwater as possible seeps into the ground where it falls. This concerns not only open agricultural landscapes, but also to forested areas, commercial or production sites, housing estates and, last but not least, individually built houses. Part of this strategic goal is to change everyone’s attitude towards water by promoting the frugal use of water and its recycling. We see climate change as an opportunity for discussions that are not limited to technical measures but taking in account also potential of ecosystems and natural processes which appeared in our landscapes historically and which we drastically reduced. The Platform for the Landscape (www.nasekrajina.local) provides a framework for such discussions.